Our Big Piano is more than a versatile item: our customers use it for a wide range of purposes, projects and spaces as malls and shopping centres, cabaret, tv shows, film production, floor show, movies, reception, parades, concerts, exhibitions and many others. Check out our video gallery

Late Late Show with James Corden, CBS - USA 2016

Latest shot for the Big Piano in 2016. During a visit to The Late Late Show, James Corden asks Sean Hayes to duo on the Big Piano the massive hit Justin Bieber's "Sorry.The video made 2 millions views in two days"

Nick Jonas, Fao Schwarz New York - USA 2015

The American pop rock singer Nick Jonas​ ​ stopped by the Fao Schwarz to perform Jealous at Fao Schwarz hitting falsetto notes​, the video made 3 millions views in one week ​.

BIG Movie, Hollywood Cult Scene, 1988

​Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia starring on the movie Big at Fao Schwarz and making the Big Piano one of the most important icons of New York.

Seth Rogen, the Night Before, 2016

The Night Before ​ ​ stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie ​in this holiday comedy full of cameos. The famous trio play a famous song: "Runaway" by Kenye West.

Tom Hanks, Quatro Television SPAIN 2014

​Tom Hanks​ after more than 20 years gets back to play on the Big Piano that helped him to join the star system.EL HORMIGUERO- TV SHOW

Dr. K at the Coolen ElbStreichern.

Accompanied by a wonderful orchestra the famous German tenor, Henning Kote, makes a memorable performance on the Big Piano.

Louise Mendrell

The American country music singer Louise Mandrell​ hosted by the tv radio presenter Ralph Emery on the tv show Nashville Now and playing the Big Piano.

McFadden Brothers

The ​American ​ world class entertainers, singers, tap dancers and musicians show their unique style playing the Big Piano.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

​The social media and actress ​ ​Kim Kardashian and the model Kourtney Kardashian played together on the Big Piano ​ ​at Fao Schwartz​ ​ in October 2011​

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